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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally Something From Jess That Makes Me Feel Good Again!

So as horrible as this weekend was with all the shit between Jess and I, it appears to have settled down and I guess we are back to normal.  Normal?  I don't really think that "normal" is a word I would use to describe me or Jess or the relationship (or whatever you call it) that we are in, is.

I had my teeth cleaned today.  My hygienist, Jane at the dentists office is cool as hell.  She told me today that she is a Christian.  I have no idea as to where that came from, but cool for her!  The cleaning involved a lot of Jane talking and a lot of me trying to respond with tools and a mouthful of spit!  I left about an hour later and $175.00 lighter in the wallet.  No, I don't have dental insurance!

Back to Jess for a minute.  When I awoke this morning there was a text message waiting for me from him.  It said:

Hey Steve!  it was good to see you last night, but I owe you for all the dinners, etc you have been getting.  We had a great conversation!  I look forward to more like that one.  Sending you a big hug today.  You are an incredible guy.  Jess

Then a few hours later, I wrote one.  Yes, I know, it was dumb, mushy and all but it was honest.  Just read it and try not puke:

Was thinking about you!  Makes me happy and smile!  I'm lucky to know you!

And 15 minutes later, Jess responded with:

That's funny -- I was just thinking about you!  I'm lucky to know YOU!

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