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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I need to get this off my chest.  Was at Jess's tonight.  You se, he wanted to buy this grill, a Breville which is sold at Williams Sonoma for $99.99 plus 8% NYC tax.  Like the geek-a-maniac and super-helpful-ass that I am, I was able to find out that Williams Sonoma was discontinuing that Breville model and offering a newer, larger version of the same grill.  Too big actually for a NYC apt.  The price was $49.99, what a freaking bargain!  I bought two, not because I needed one but because I wanted to help Jess defray the high $19.95 shipping fee.  I figured that if I bought one, I could split the shipping with him as well.  So the deal would be Jess would get a great new Breville grill of $49.99 + tax and delivery for an amazing $64.00 and I would buy the other for the same price.  Keep in mind that I don't need a fucking grill and Jess earns over $165,000. a year.  Anyway, I ran an ad in Craigs List and sold my grill to a really sweet girl from Harlem.  I met her tonight to consumate the deal.  She got the second grill and I got $69.00 (so I made $5.00 profit, big deal) She got a great deal and was thrilled.  Not sure if Jess ever said thank you!  Did I tell you that my gay buddy... I say gay buddy because many of my friends are straight and have no idea I'm gay.  I know, not healthy - not good but it is what it is.  Well, his name is Mike and he told me that Jess is taking serious advantage of me.  Not sure if thats true but I get where he is coming from.  Mike told me to STOP doing stuff for Jess.  It's not good and he says it's making Jess lose respect for me.  That, Mike could be a very big possibility.  Jess met me while I was meeting the girl to sell the grill.  We went for dinner.  He's in the process of getting his building to add a much needed closet to his living room.  Think I wrote about that.  I volunteered to run all the way back to Home Depot on 23rd and 6th because Jess got the wrong color electrical part for his track lighting.

The maintenance people in his building are putting up new track for him too.  So I ran since it was 9:37pm and they close at 10:00pm.  Got there just before closing and found out that both fucking colors that Jess needed were in the box.  Shit!  Jess's response was "sorry"!  I walked all the way back to his place, we spoke for 10 minutes about the new closet being put in and I made the dumb remark (dumb in Jess's mind) that "I had a lot to do with that closet design and finding a place to put it).  That set Jess off and he commented back "Why do you always need to be getting credit for things".  Okay, well that was it, I was out of there.  I said to him, "what's up with you?  Isn't it easier to just be nice and say, yeah it was a good idea instead of busting my balls?".  Bottom line is this guy just doesn't like me.  He has NO respect for me.  I left his place and he writes me another lame ass email :
Hey Steve -
Sorry about tonight.  I shouldn't have let my pride get in the way of praising the great ideas you had for my place!  I'm going to read a little before I go to bed.  Thanks for having dinner with me.  Thanks for coming over and running that stupid errand for me (sorry) and sorry about tonight.

Here I go again, I love this guy but when do I stop taking all his shit?  Also how does a "giver" kind of person like me stop giving to someone who I feel is taking it for granted?!  Fuck, why did I fire Peter (Therapist).  I need a life or at least a newer one.  I feel like backing off and just staying away from him for a few days!  Can I do that without giving in?  Maybe he won't even call or attempt to reach me if I back off.  I'm tired!

Good night one follower or maybe by the time this posts, I'll have two!

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