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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jess Tells Me A Crock Of Shit, Or So I Think.

I just got home from my friends.  Low key night.  Thought about Jess most of the night and about him going to the "dinner" that he said he had tonight.  I watched the Sandra Bullock movie called Blind Side.  Actually, not a bad movie.  It was a feel good movie and boy did I need that.  Clint Black, the singer was in it and played Sandra Bullocks husband Sean.  Shit, he had his hat off and I didn't even recognize him or know he was in the movie until I saw his name listed in the movie credits.

When I left my friends place, there was a message from Jess.  I actually left him a message as I was on the way to my friends.  Apparently, he never got it or even looked for it because he mentioned in his message that I never called him back.  Bullshit!  Anyway, he said he was on the way to his dinner.  That's what he calls it.  Message was at 9:20pm and he says he was on the way to his dinner.  Do you all remember last night when everything was fine with Jess and I and he mentioned to me that he had a work dinner to go to tonight?  That was when I asked him two simple questions like, where is the dinner being held and when he didn't answer me, I asked him again and asked was it at an apartment or restaurant.  That's when he freaked out and got all fucking rude and started to tell me that my questions were ridiculous and do I hear what I am asking him!  He couldn't believe I was asking him that!  Again, fuck him!  So tonight, in his message he acts as if all is well between us.  He goes on to say that I never responded to let him know if I wanted to wait for him in his apartment to get home from his dinner.  He said it would be late, at around 12:30am.  I actually did respond, but he obviously didn't listen to the message.  Well, listen to this shit.  In his message he also says that he was walking to the "dinner" (I love how he calls it that).  He says its probably going to be a very late night for him because the last time he went to this guys apartment for a "dinner" the dinner wasn't served until 1:30 am!  Bullshit again!  This is a work dinner?  People from his government work job are going to this dinner and the dude isn't serving the fucking dinner till 1:30am.  Who the fuck is bullshitting who!

Funny, how he got all pissed off and nasty when all I asked yesterday was where is the dinner going to be, and the weirdness of it is that now he wants to talk to me about it and the part that he wants to tell me about is the weird ass part that this guy is possibly going to be serving dinner at 1:30am.  Maybe he is serving cock on a bun or ass soup!  I must be a fucking moron or maybe he thinks I am.  Could this be possible?  Then he says goodbye and tells me that he will speak to me tomorrow.  Has he forgotten about his moods and his anger and his rudeness and all the texts and messages today?  I am pissed off right now and I could care less what the hell he does tonight and with who.  I am really annoyed, can you tell?

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