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Monday, May 3, 2010

Finally A Great Weekend. I Needed One Especially After Last Weekend! (Oh, And Some Pics Of Jess)

It's been a few days since I have written here.  All I can say is that things have turned for the better.  Much better!  At least for now, but I have learned not to count on that for too long, as situations can change fast.

Friday night I went to Jess's apartment for his small little gathering (dinner party).  I knew a few of the people that were going to be there but I was also meeting two of Jess's female friends for the very first time.

Apparently, they have known about me these last 9 months, but I never met them, maybe I was too goddamn chicken shit to meet them prior to this.  Anyway, they were both warm, super friendly, beautiful, sexy, you name it and things went great!  Most important they were so nice to me, I mean really nice!  They kept telling Jess, both in front of me and behind my back that they really liked me a lot.  That made me feel great, and I think it made Jess feel great.  The evening was a success, and I was glad I went.  Seemed like it put Jess and me back on the same playing field.  I was happy as hell, went home and slept great.

Saturday morning at around 11:30am Jess called me.  I was surprised (don't forget that Jess had told me just on Thursday night that he wanted to move on from me and that I wasn't the right guy for him) to hear from him so soon but of course I was glad he called.  He wanted to do something with me during the day.  He asked me to help motivate him and get him moving on what was expected to be a hot and humid weekend.  I told him to come by at 12:30pm and if he wanted, we can make it a day.  He did and we did.  It was so much fun, a great day, actually a great weekend!  We did some shirt shopping for him at a store near my place that he never gets the chance to go to.  Then after we ate we decided to do something crazy but cool as hell.  We headed out (I have a car) west and drove west across New Jersey to Pennsylvania to the Delaware Water Gap.  It was about an hour plus ride but it was worth it.

The scenery was breathtaking and the day was hot, sunny and perfect for being out in the "country" with nature and with Jess.  We actually hiked for a bit along the Appalachian Trail, and stopped to relax by this beautiful stream.  It was so much fun and Jess was relaxed and happy and he seemed really happy and very much into being with me.  So what happened since Thursday night when he told me that he wanted to move on?  I have no clue.  Possibly the party on Friday night where his friends connected with me?  Or perhaps this is just Jess, a man who isn't sure of what he wants from day to day.  Again, sorry for repeating this, but as always he still says he loves me, but perhaps he can't love and be with someone as much as he can't not love and not be with that same person.  Does that make sense?  I have no idea but it was fun.

Saturday night, Jess's friend Mary came over and we all made dinner, hung out and we all stayed at my place.  Jess in my bed and Mary on the sofa in the other room.  Although we've been together for 9 months, Jess and I have only spent 4 overnights together.  Weird right?  I know, but it's all my fault.  I'll explain that some other time.  Sleeping together with someone can be difficult and sleep isn't as easy as when you are alone.  But we managed.

Sunday, also a hot, muggy day.  Temps in the 90's.  Jess and Mary and I went to a late breakfast at an awesome diner.  Then we went to the park and went on that water boat peddling thing.  It was fun!  Awesome day and most important was  that I was with Jess for the entire weekend.

Long story short, I am happy tonight.  Content!  And happy with how things went this weekend with Jess.  Having Mary around for part of the time was also fun.  We all seemed to just relax and gel together.  Mary loves a good cock joke so there were plenty of those going around.  I finally said good night  to Jess at around 10:30pm.  I'm tired but smiling inside and outside.  I have so much to do with regard to getting my life moving that I feel like I have momentum going into this week.  I hope it lasts.  I'll let you know.  Sleep tight Jess.

We walked a bit on the Appalachian Trail 
The crystal clear babbling brook, complete with moss, 
A great place for us to sit, cool off and even walk.  
The water felt so good on my feet during that 92 degree day.
Jess on the Appalachian Trail near the Delaware Water Gap.
I took the pictures, one of us had to capture this great day!
Jess cooling off in the brook or stream or whatever you call it.
Jess, check out that butt!

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