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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Deleted My Post Accidentally. Shit, I Hate When That Happens!

Shit, I just wrote a great new post about Jess and about what has been going on between us the last few days.  It was probably my best post ever.  I was talking about how could Jess and I have had the conversation last Thursday where he told me that he and I were over, at least as anything other then just friends and how ever since that conversation, things have been awesome and pretty much opposite of that.  He seems more like a boyfriend then he has in a long time.  I was writing my thoughts on that and what I thought the reason was for this strangeness!

But then all of a sudden, the 8 or 9 paragraphs that I had written disappeared and were gone!  Shit, where the hell did they go.  How could I have deleted everything I was writing while I was writing.  Fuck!  I hate when that happens.  Oh well, I will have to write it all again, but not now!  Stay tuned and I will attempt it again later!  Shit!

1 comment:

Mambam said...

You remind me of a work friend.
If she spills some coffee she claims 'it just happend' as if it jumped outta the cup itself.

She once crashed her car into a wall in a deserted car park and claimed that she hadn't done anything. It just happened itself

By the way, if you are writing in blogger it normaly does an automatic save every now and then whilst you are typing. so if it ever happens again come out of your post and then go back into it again, you might find most of your text is still there from the last auto save.