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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Okay, My Blog Is Looking Hotter So Come And Check Me Out!

Okay, so perhaps it was a cheap ploy to put an image of a really hot guy on my blog. Yeah, I lied, but I did it all for YOU! The point of it was to catch all you sexed up guys and girls off guard and get you on here to take a look. Uh, but not just to take a look at this stud but to take a look at my re-designed blog. I was getting really tired of seeing and hearing it the old way and hopefully the new way is more relaxed and easier on the eyes. Speaking of easier on the eyes. . . this guy is HOT! What more can I say. So when you are done, uh, looking at him, maybe you'll drop me a comment or two as to how you like my new look. Maybe, just maybe, I should add more pics and excitement like this on a regular or semi-regular basis. Any thoughts?


Dale W. said...

Loving the background. Absolutely glorious. Very, very nice choice there!

As for the nearly nekkid man... meh. He's not Henry Cavill... ;o)

SteveA said...

Looks cool!