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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is NYC Occupy Wall Street Almost Over?

So sorry everyone for not writing in weeks; things have been busy for me but that's no excuse for not writing. I need to make my blog a priority. I have decided that I am going to write every day or at the least every other day now, until you all get bored or until I realize that the lack of response comments and/or reaction from all of you out there is proof positive that I can once again hold-back, back-off and chill. I hope you all prove me wrong! Does that make sense? Perhaps not, but I am sitting here on percocet pain medication; I'm am in pain!! This is a result of surgery I had today. I will explain that more in detail later.

Anyway, as you all know, I am an amateur photographer (very amateur). I heard just a brief while ago (today) on TV that the Occupy Wall Street protesters where kicked out of Zuccotti Park; the park in Lower Manhattan which has become the NYC movements home and ground zero where they have been camped out, banging drums, waving signs,smoking pot, preaching, arguing and even fucking in their tents. Okay, yes, I am sympathetic with the movement, even my comments make it sound like I don't.  Trust is, these are goddamn hard, economic times and I relate to and sympathize with everyone... myself included. I mean, seriously, I am one of the 99% but don't forget I am writing this blog post on meds so I most likely won't be able to clearly elaborate my point today. NYPD spent hours tossing the protesters and their tents and all their shit and equipment and food and paraphernalia, etc. out of the park early this morning so that the Park owners could clean and fumigate and scour the park. That reason was probably just an excuse to cover up Mayor Bloomberg's real sentiment to get the fucking protesters out of the damn park and end the siege! Today alone, over 200 protesters were arrested as they resisted leaving Zuccotti and a judge was supposed to rule sometime late this afternoon whether or not the Occupy Wall Street clan would be allowed back into the park later today after Zuccotti was cleaned. If the judge says yes, would he also say they could bring back all their tents and shit and stuff and continue fucking? Or... not!

Here are some pictures I took approximately ten days ago when I went with camera in hand to Zuccotti Park. I of course was pretending to be the photojournalist which obviously I am not. Hey, what the fuck, I have fun taking pictures! For the most part, the protesters were 99% cool with me and hundreds of others with cameras (get it?  99%?) sticking cameras in their faces and in their tents to document the conditions that they were living in and what they had done to the Park. So have a look and I hope you enjoy my photos--let  me know what you think.

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drew said...

What a waste!! I would move them out, period. They are not your usual citizens. They are losers!!