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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughts On A Thursday

Today is Thursday. The weekend is coming again. It seems like the weeks and months are flying by. I am beginning to get that overwhelming feeling that I better get a move on with my life before it's too late. Well, maybe even more overwhelming is the feeling that if I don't get my ass in gear then no one else will care or do it for me. I should damn well know that by now; I'm not a kid and learned that harsh life lesson a very, very long time ago.

One good thing today and it sounds pretty pathetic that this so far is the only good thing of my day... but one good thing is that a friend of mine (my recent friend since last summer - the married guy from Upstate who came-out to his wife last October) who I haven't really been in contact with all that much, re-added me as a friend on Facebook today. I think speaking with him the other day on Skype for the first time in quite a while had a lot to do with that. It's stupid little things like this that go a long way with me and make me feel better, or should I say better for the moment. I'm a guy! Does any other guy feel this way? Or do I need to grow some bigger balls and not give a fuck about who likes me, dislikes me, or doesn't give a shit about me? I think it's too late for me to change. Truth is that I'm a fucking softy on the inside and I want people to like me. But, more important, I want the who people I like and who I consider to be my friend to feel the same about me. Yikes, even writing that reality sounds really sad... even kinda pathetic. Fuck-it! I'm going with it. Talk to you guys later.

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