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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston: You Will Be Missed Terribly!

It's Sunday morning. Like everyone on the planet, I am shocked and saddened by the tragic lose of the iconic Whitney Houston. From the height of fame to what appears to be the depths of despair and weakness.. it's all so sad. Even though the public has not yet been (officially) informed on how she died, we can only suspect that it was drug related. I can't help but think, and I apologize for even saying this, but was Whitney's charmed life diverted off course and placed on a rough and rocky road the day she met Bobby Brown? Is that unfair to say? Anyway, as I write this blog, the music video (posted below) of perhaps the most perfect song ever sung, "I Will Always Love You" is playing in the background. I can't help be feel the emotions swelling up inside as I write this entry. What can I say, what can anyone say at this point aside from Whitney Houston was perhaps the greatest voice of our generation and her death at the age of 48 is such a waste... so sad and tragic.  She will be missed... She is already missed. Rest in peace Diva, your struggles are over.

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