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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Found This Great Blog Called The Fur Vault

Hey everybody! Damn, once again, so much time has gone by since my last post. I really do need to do something about that.

I've never really been a porn guy, but I have found Tumblr. Funny, I actually found out that there are some great photo blogs over there. I like a few. Now I don't need to save all those super gay porn images on my computer or in my iPhone camera roll. Check out The Fur Vault. The link is below. It's just what I like, lots of fur and not so furry. I like smooth too, but, for those furry moods, I got The Fur Vault now. Sexy guys without being that kind of ewwww, hard core shit. An example of the photos are like what I added in this post (above).

I know you'll like it; I do. Follow it! It's a pretty new blog and the guy who owns it is a really good guy. Leave me a comment here and tell me what you guys think.

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