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Monday, April 19, 2010


I find that honestly is slowly becoming my best policy.  That being said, there is this guy, a younger guy (maybe late 20's to early 30's) who I met at the gym a good month or so ago.  His name is Jim.  Right from the start, when I first saw him I thought he had an interesting look, actually hot is more the word.  He was big, but far from huge with brown hair to the middle of his neck pushed behind his ears.  I'm gonna guess and say he about 6' 200lb.  Anyway, he is really good looking.  His body isn't perfect, most people looking at him would say it's pretty damn nice but who cares what most people think.
He is built but not ripped.  I didn't know him from a hole in the wall but I would see him almost everyday or at least 3 or 4 times a week.  He didn't talk to anyone and I definitely wasn't going to talk with him either -- reason being was I don't know him, period!  Long story short, I don't know how it happened but we did eventually exchange a few words one day.  That led to a brief eye contact moment and a tilt in the head as if to say "whats up" on subsequent days.  But this one day we started to talk and he told me that he was a professional wrestler.  How cool was that!  You would think, oh brother, must be some muscle head or someone you can't really talk to.  On the contrary, he was interesting and smart and so damn sexy.  His face lit up when he smiled and so did I.  From that moment on, my crush began.  I very casual without making it obvious had my eye opened to see if he was at the gym when I was there.  He was, often and I loved it.  We got talking more, exchanged names and I feel like we have become friends of sort, at least at the gym.  Bombshell a week later when he told me that he got this new "job" in sales that was going to interfere with his current gym schedule and that I would most likely only see him on weekends.  Shit, I was bummed out about that but what the hell.  I could still run into him and see him on weekends and continue our smiley talks and get to know him better.  My schedule has been that I haven't really been to the gym the past two weekends so I haven't seen him in a few weeks. Atlas, today I saw Jim!  He was there and we spoke.  Handshake and big smiles.  Stupid but it helped to make me have a good day!  We spoke for a few minutes, he told me that I'll be seeing him now all the time since he quit the job!  Inside my head I was screaming YEAH!!  I went  back to my workout, obviously quite thrilled.  This guy is so cool. He must be straight but who cares!  I like the vibe and the early connection and how I feel.  He makes me feel pretty damn good when we speak.  If I could, I'd stand there and talk to him all day.  When he walked by me on the gym floor he actually took his hand and swatted my shoulder.  I loved it!  He even came over and said goodbye, another handshake when he left and we both said, "I'll see you tomorrow".  I am really glad he is back.  I'm not sure at all as to what if anything can come of this, but he is awesome and cool and a totally down to earth guy - I mean this dude is a wrestler?  Going to the gym is going to be a little more fun now. Welcome back Jim.

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