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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Last night I watched the movie Felon starring Stephen Dorff when an email from Jess arrived.  I read it and it made me feel good but yet doesn't answer all my questions.  I'm not looking to make another issue about it but will anything change?  What do you think?  I will give this more thought later and write him an email telling him that.  Here is his email from last night:

Hey Steve!

I'm so glad you wrote and thanks for putting your thoughts together and writing them to me.  First things first -- I adore you.  You are such a great guy.  I really appreciate all your support and I honestly feel like I'm not doing enough to show you that.  I also feel like I'm not doing enough to help you out.  I hope you aren't seriously wondering whether I want you in my life.  That's nuts.  I may get grouchy sometimes or hassle you, but that does NOT mean I don't want you around.  I love having you around. I miss when you aren't around.
Last night I was happy with the level of communication up to a certain point.  I felt like we were really talking.  You had an issue with my behavior (and rightly so) and you called me on it.  I wanted to talk about it.  Where things became difficult is when you didn't seem to accept an apology but instead drew lots of other things into the discussion.  Then I felt attacked and gave up.  Things just don't last long for me.  They blow by pretty fast and I'm on to the next thing.

I don't think I'm making much sense.  Bottom line is that I want you in my life always.  OK?


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