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Monday, April 12, 2010


Jess stayed home from work again today.  (He stayed home Friday also because he had the beginning of a lousy cold).  He didn't go to work today either and said he didn't want to spread his germs to his associates.  He used my idea (which he will never give me credit for) and called his apt.maintenance man to see if the can build a closet into his living room, where he has stuff piled into a indent in the wall.  They told him yes they can.  Of course they can, his job pays over $4500.00 a month for that apt.  So Jess called and asked me for a few ideas about lighting and track lights but of course when I gave him the answer, he got bored and told me that my answer was way too long.  Once again, Jess treating me like I'm beneath him. .Fuck that!

Can someone please tell me why this guys continually makes it obvious to me that he has no respect for me?

Tonight I went to my friends place and watched the movie The Collector.  Scary as shit!  What a freaking grotesque movie but, somehow I got through it and it wasn't so bad.

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