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Monday, April 12, 2010


This is confusing but its what I am used to and what I have been dealing with all along.

I wrote last what occured Saturday with regard to the email Jess sent me.  I figured we were over!  Finally, he is moving on.  But Jess called me back late on Saturday.  I told him I was going to meet this guy, Don for coffee.  Not because I wanted to but because I was feeling so awful about what happened with Jess and I needed to be with someone.  I knew in my heart that I didn't want to meet this guy Don.  He wasn't my type nor was I even interested in talking with him, especially on Saturday after the day I had.  But, I did it because I felt I had to.  Anyway, Jess called me and he could hear how sad I was.  I think he was too.  He told me to come by and hang out after I met this guy Dan (who I casually met months ago on the internet while I was searching for new "gay" friends).  I said okay and that I'd try, knowing that I definitely was going to stop by.  Long story, short, I went to Jess's at around 9PM.  We had dinner and played Yahtze.  First time for me, I had a blast.  Kicked Jess's ass in all 3 games.

Sunday I woke up and went back to Jess's.  We had a great day, walking the streets of New York, getting espresso (Jess's favorite thing to do) and even tried a new Latin appetizer which I can't even tell you the name since I forget what it is, at some trendy, local East Village Latin Cafe.  It was cool.  The day was fun.  We had sex twice (don't get confused, our sex is vanilla, no fucking ever!).  It was great or I think at least Jess had fun.  I have fun regardless almost always!  That was my day.  He ends it with, see how great we get along when we are just friends!  So am I destined for another crash soon?

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