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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

Tonight was a decent night.  It was a bit odd but maybe I shouldn't read so many things into actions I don't agree with or understand.  We made a hodge podge of dinner.  Some vegetable and chicken rice that Jess got when he was at Trader Joe's. I also had various leftovers and stuff that he would most likely toss out with tomorrows garbage.  I started to ask him a few questions and I thought the communication was good.  But after 5 minutes of that (around 10:00 pm) Jess suggested we go into the bedroom, get naked and turn off the lights and talk.  He said it wasn't about sex, just about being naked and comfortable.

Needless to say we never spoke another word about anything that meant anything other then a few grunts and groans and my attempts at some verbal turn-on conversation that fell short of its mark.  So heres how it all ended.  We stopped dead in our tracks, after much ado about nothing occurred, and then Jess was off to sleep and I was about to follow suit.  I caught myself from falling into a hazy sort of sleep so I got out of bed.  Jess woke and I got dressed.  It was 11:15 pm.  He asked me to stay over like he has dozens of times before.  It's almost automatic to ask me that, like a knee jerk reaction to me leaving.  We said our goodbyes complete with sweet kisses and tired eyes and I was out the door.  On my way to the subway so I could get home and write this!  That was my night.  Sleep well everyone.

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