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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Saturday started off awful.  I headed into Union Square at around 11AM specifically because I wanted to hang out with Jess.  I called him on the phone and he was in one of his "moods".  He didn't seem to want to hang out with me even though I didn't tell him that I wanted to hang out with him either.  It was a suck phone call and didn't end well.  I found out later, all he wanted was for me to just ask him, so do you want me to stop or bye or something like that.  Really dude, it's been 8 fucking months, do I need to do that?  Either way, I called him back 50 minutes later, I wasn't happy.  Long story short, we spoke, we met and we ended up hanging out all weekend.  He and I at my place, and all over the place.  He stayed the night at my place - first time.  Do you believe that?  Eight months and his first night at my place.  His friend Mary joined us Saturday night and she stayed over as well.  We had a great day Sunday (today) too.  I'm so tired, I'll fill you in later.  I'm off to sleep.

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