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Monday, May 31, 2010

Email From Mary To Jess And Me. Fucking Drama!

This is an email that I received a short time ago from Mary. She sent it both to me and to Jess. I have not spoken to her since I hung up the phone annoyed with her earlier this afternoon when she had told me that she wrote Jess a long email last night.
Steve, Jess:

I want to write both of you, since I am sure I have done damage to
each of you. I got way too involved in something that didn't involve
me, that is, your relationship.  I tried to help but I think I got
arrogant and did things I thought would help but were ill-concevied,
and maybe for my own benefit.  Along the way, I betrayed your
confidences.  As a friend, I should have just sat back and listened
and been an ear or a shoulder, but I failed.  Instead, I made
something already difficult and painful worse.  There is no excuse for
that, and I am truly sorry.


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