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Monday, May 31, 2010

Just Spoke With Jess About What Mary Did! It's Okay, All Is Good! What A Relief!

I tried calling Jess a fourth time (I left three messages for him earlier, actually one long message that took three calls because his machine kept cutting me off). He answered. He told me that he listened to my messages about Mary. he told me that he and I were okay and not to worry. He understood and told me that Mary has a problem with boundaries and she also has a problem understanding that he doesn't have that type of relationship where he has that kind of openness with her.

Jess told me not to stress about it and not to think about it. He told me to get outside and enjoy the day. He is walking around the city with his two friends before they head back to London tonight. He kept telling me that he will talk to Mary and clue her in, set her straight. Again, he told me not to worry about him and I over this, we were fine!

Jess was kind and sympathetic. He asked me how I was feeling. He told me to relax and take a deep breath and go out and get some air and have some fun. He said that he had absolutely no issue or problem with me over this. He did say that he would have preferred if I hadn't shown her that email but its okay. I went on to assure him that what he told me on the phone about getting on medication and seeking out professional help was not discussed with her. I said to him that you asked me NOT to discuss that with her and I didn't. He was glad and appreciative. This is the Jess that I love!

I love you Jess!  Forever and ever and ever! I love this Jess. Come back soon!

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