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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mary Ratted Me Out To Jess! She Betrayed My Trust! She Made It About Her!

Mary betrayed me. Fucking stabbed me in the back. I thought she cared but she only cared about herself! Jess will never speak to me again!
I just got a telephone call from Mary. She told me that she wrote Jess a long email last night.  She then went on the say that the email she sent to him wasn't specifically about Jess and me, but that it was about Jess and her. She told Jess, that she and I have spent a lot of time together the past three days and that I told her everything. Then that fucking bitch told him that she was annoyed and upset and hurt that he wrote me that revealing email about himself and his feelings complete with all of Jess's self degradation and remorse for things that he had done to me. That email, if you remember arrived on Saturday afternoon. Her sick, twisted mind asked him why did he open up and reveal all the issues and sadness that he was experiencing in his life to me without telling her also. She wrote, that after 4 years of being his friend, she feels slighted and cheated out of his honesty and openness. She felt hurt and left out that he would have so much pain and struggle in his life and keep it from her.

What an asshole she is. Right now I'm thinking that she is a psycho bitch. She made Jess and my struggle all about her and about him not telling her his same feelings exactly as what he wrote to me.

She told him that I have told her everything and showed her texts and emails which illuminated to her his ups and downs. She also told him that she thought she knew him well and loved him as a friend (told you the bitch was secretly in love with Jess) but yet why has he kept all this struggle inside of him from her! This is a fatal attraction episode!

My opinion... this was between me and Jess and our relationship and our struggle. She had nothing to do with it and had no part making herself a victim in this. This was NOT about her! I was lonely and had no one else to turn to for support and to discuss all this with so I went to Mary. I thought she was there for me to listen and be my friend and support me or at least neutrally support me. Fuck, she betrayed me for her own selfish reasons. I told her this and I hung up the phone!

I'm sure Jess will think I betrayed HIM! I'm sure he will never speak to me again!  Fuck!!! I called him on the telephone immediately and tried to explain this all to him. I left him a message stating that I never told her anything that he specifically told me not to tell her. I told him that unlike him, I had no one at all to confide and talk to and open up with about all the hurt and sadness I was going through. I said that I trusted her to be my friend and to listen and to be there for me.

I should have known all along that Mary was a sick fuck that only wanted to be closer to Jess. I always got that vibe! Every time that I would talk to her about Jess and tell her things that he did TO ME or said TO ME, she somehow made it out that he had done this to her and that she feels like he is betraying her too. I guess she is a lonely person too. Fuck her!

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