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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Freezing My Ass While Sitting On The Roof Terrace 14 Floors Up.

This is going to be a first for me. I'm writing this blog entry on my cell phone.  I'm using my iPhone and I found an app that allows me to do this, but the part that sucks is that I can't add or upload images, photo's etc. and I can't go back and edit the blog entry once it's written and put on the page.  Does anyone know a good app for the iPhone that would let me do all this?

Anyway, Here I go.  It's is 7:48pm and I am writing this blog entry while sitting on the rooftop terrace of Jess's apartment building in Manhattan's East Side.  It was an awesome day in NYC today and his apartment is hot as hell (he shuts the windows during the day) and I thought hanging out on this beautiful, huge terrace would be a great idea.  So as I was saying, I'm waiting for Jess to get home from work. He has a work review (of himself) to write tonight and during the day, he texts and asked me to come by, hang out, have dinner, read, write or blog (yes, he knows I blog and he knows he is in it, but he has no clue of my blogs name). Do I want him to read my blog?  No! Ever? Maybe, we will see how it all turns out! Anyway, my ass is reclined on a chaise atop his building and for those who live in Manhattan, you can relate to how perfect the weather was today! However, as it approaches 8:00pm, it's beginning to get colder and very windy and I'm starting to freeze my ass off!  I just went back down to Jess apartment to get his Patagonia jacket.  I'm now back on the roof and feeling quite toasty, content and ready to write.  I wonder if Jess is going to text before he gets home or is he just going to surprise me.  Funny, I'll probably be in the middle of writing something really important, as he walks up here.

Well, as I had expected, I had to stop writing this entry right in the middle of it because Jess surprised me and walked up to the roof top terrace.  I didn't know he was even on the roof until he was literally standing in front of me with his arm outstretched with a cold drink.  Shit, a cold drink?  I need a fucking hot chocolate or coffee, its so damn cold up here!

Jess knew I was blogging but I immediately stopped writing.  Not in a sneaky way, but in a way that sent the message, "okay, you're back, enough of this for now".  I think Jess would be a bit shocked or at the least, very surprised to see how much about him is in my blog!  Right now there is absolutely no reason that I know of for why I would want Jess to read or know the day-to-day specifics about my blog My Big Itch.
Besides, he is a smart guy, what does he think I'm writing about... recipes, another naked guys with big cocks blog, politics?  No, he knows that this blog is about my life and about things I need to get off my chest and about things that perhaps I have no one else with who I can have a face to face discussion with.  Besides, he has lived all these things with me, many of which have caused me a shit load of distress and yes happiness.  For that reason alone, there should be no surprises in here, oh, maybe one, that I have the balls to put it all out there for anyone who wants to read.

Well we are both downstairs now in the apartment.  The roof was getting dark and colder and Jess and I figured it was enough fresh air.  First thing we did was make dinner.  Nothing fancy or too time consuming.

Jess is in a decent mood or he seems like he is in a decent mood.  I can usually gage his mood by a few indicators.  If he hugs me and kisses me and tells me how great I am, then he is in an exceptional mood.  If he seems turned off to me, keeps his distance, somewhat ignores me, even gets rude and makes fucked up comments, then we've got a bad mood!  Aside from him having to do some work and try to complete his review, Jess seems fine tonight!

Up to this point, there is really nothing extraordinary or even significant to discuss aside from dinner, a few kisses, some conversation, and yes thank God, Jess is in a good mood, but, and there is a big but!  At about 8:45pm Jess got a phone call on his blackberry. Normally he doesn't answer it and let's it go to voice mail, assuming it is a work call. Tonight was different, he said he didn't recognize the number, and so, after a few more rings, he answered it.

Here is where it gets very interesting.  I wonder if I should end this blog entry and write about this separately.  Yes, I think I should.  What I am about to tell you needs to be in its very own blog entry with a different title.  Okay, then please go to the next entry titled Bjorn Is Back In Town, Could Sex Be Next?  Trust me it's juicy as hell!  I promise!  See ya over there.

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corve said...

let your friend read it..he might enjoy it