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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Just Got An Email From Jess's Friend Vivica. She Says "Don't Give Up On Jess".

Today is Jess's birthday. I should be with him but I can't. I just got an email from Jess's friend (who I have met a number of times) Vivica. Jess obviously told her everything that is going on and that I most likely won't be coming to his party tonight. Believe it or not, it makes me feel somewhat better to get her email and to hear someone else confirm that Jess is a difficult man to love. Take a look and read her email for yourself. I have it posted right after the jump.

Hey there - how are you? Been better huh? I spoke to Jess yesterday about things. Listen, I know you can't make it tonight, but if for any reason you think you might be able to, I know Jess (and I, Mary, Ellen) would love to see you there.

It is funny, Tom and I are going through a rough spot right now. I am not sure why or how these things happen, but for me, one little fight triggers my future. Even though I know this man loves me, I am having a hard time seeing how I am going to really fit in his life. Is this something I need to figure out tomorrow? I dont' know Steve, I have never been in a "successful" relationship before, depending on your definition of success. I know Jess loves you. I know Jess can be difficult to love. I know I am difficult to love. Tom hasn't given up on me, even though sometimes I give up, sometimes I think he should. I don't think you should give up on Jess just yet.

I know it is hard to do these things when you aren't feeling ...loved in the way you want. But, it is his birthday and you are his sweetheart. If there is any chance you are teetering, we would all love to see you.

I completely understand if not.

I hope this doesn't upset you, I am sure Jess will be pissed if he knew I sent you this. But, I thought I'd try.


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