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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oliver Is Coming Today! So Stressed!

Today is the day. Oliver from Denmark is coming to NYC to visit Jess. Oliver is Jess's ex who Jess met last May on a trip he took to Denmark. They met in a bar and Jess spent the entire time he was there with Oliver. Oliver also came to NYC to visit Jess as well. I believe that was sometime before the end of last summer and before Jess and I met last August 7th. After Jess and I met, he put Oliver on blocks and told him that he had met a great guy (me) and told Oliver that having a long distance relationship with him wasn't going to work any longer. I felt that I was the reason for this and Jess told me later that I was the reason as well.

Today is the day that Oliver is coming back. He will be staying with Jess until Monday. Jess (who as you all know from my blogging) and I have been together over nine months but we have been having our issues.

I am stressed and can't comfortably put this out of my mind. As I have said before, "it will be, what it will be". Of course, I will be taking a back seat during the next five days, even wondering if Jess will contact me. I for sure, won't be initiating any contact with him. Fuck no!

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