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Monday, May 17, 2010

What The Fuck! Jess Just Called Me! What Signals Is He Sending Me!!

It's 11:40am and I just got a telephone call. It was Jess. I would have let it go to voice mail, but maybe he wouldn't have left a message. Anyway, I wouldn't have done that. Like I have been saying all along, I'm not a game player. I answered his call. He was walking from his office to another building and wanted to thank me again for yesterday. He said he had a great time. What? We talked for about 7 minutes. Once I heard that he was walking inside of his office and I heard people, I told him that I'd better let him get going. He told me we will talk real soon. He told me, to please call him anytime I want. Our conversation was nice, not deep, not long, not emotional or personal. It was brief and very civil and very, well nice.

Can someone please tell me what the fuck is going on here? Please!!!! What is wrong with me? Why does this make me feel somewhat, albeit temporary, better?


Adventures In Gay Dating said...

Sorry to hear about the pain you're in. Wish there was something we could do for you, but you have to work this out for yourself. Ask yourself this question: Am I hanging to the notion of Jess & I as a couple because I'm hoping (and praying) he’ll come to his senses and realize that he loves me and wants to be with me (as a boyfriend)? Would you still want him after all this back-n-forth hell you've endured? You're a good-looking, intelligent, sensitive guy and I’m sure there are tons of guys in NYC that would love to go out with you and they’d treat you better too, guaranteed.

drew said...

talk about jerking you around. I guess he gets off on pulling your chain. What Adventures in gay dating said is the way it is. I hate to say this as I am not trying to hurt your feelings, but when are you going to wake up??

My Big Itch said...

Hey guys, thanks, I really do appreciate the feedback comments and I totally know that if I wasn't me and I was reading my blog, I would give that person the same great advice that you guys have given to me. Yes, obviously I love Jess and part of me (a big part) thinks that Jess has some serious issues and yes, down deep inside he knows he loves me and perhaps eventually if he can get his shit together one day we can be together in a healthy relationship. But do I just walk away from him now? I'm confused and not sure that I can or want to do that. I know, I know, I'm a mess, right!

SteveA said...

AIGD and Drew said it.....sometimes we are a slave to our own intentions - you're hoping for the best and nothing is wrong with that.....maybe you have to see this through and see what's at the end of the have not passed the point of no return just yet!