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Monday, May 17, 2010

And You Have No Idea As To Why I'm Confused And Conflicted?

Thanks for the great comments and nice words that so many of my "blog followers" have been sending me. Some are pretty soothing and some are hash yet right on the mark but still very honest and equally very much appreciated. I don't want everyone to simply blow smoke up my ass, I want honesty and sincerity and I have been getting that from everyone here who comments on my blog entries. It's amazing how intelligent and truly understanding you all are. A heartfelt thank to everyone. Keep it coming!

To perhaps understand my situation even more (just when you thought you understood it all perfectly) I received two texts messages and a phone message today alone from Jess.  Can you all understand why and how I can be so fucking conflicted. Click the jump below to read the texts and find out about what message Jess left me on my machine.

It was great to talk to you, Steve! Just had delicious sushi for lunch. It's too bad you don't like this stuff!
Text Message: 1:20pm

Hey, I love you :)  Mary is sitting near my desk raiding donuts and cake that colleagues brought in. Gotta love it.
Text Message:  7:29pm

(Jess called and left me a phone message tonight while I was out at my friends place. The message said that he missed talking to me on the phone today and that he was home, relaxing and watching a movie. He ended the message by saying that he will speak to me later.  Phone message left at 10:08pm


SteveA said...

Ummmm...OK - he's pulling your chain. He wants you - he does not want you! Maybe his actions are speaking for itself. Don't fall into his play - just be honest with yourself and also be strong!

drew said...

It concerns me that Jess is enjoying this so much. He knows you are hurt over what has happened. I think you should try your best to stay away. Sorry that your "boyfriend" is such an ass..