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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why Jess?

I've tried calling Jess about five times already this morning. I've left five different messages. What is he doing? He obviously didn't pick up the phone to speak with me and he hasn't called me back or responded back to me in any way! What is he doing!!  Is he ignoring me again? I am just a lab experiment to him? I feel like a mouse in a cage just running and running and getting no where, with Jess's two eyes peering in and looking at me and laughing as I jump through hoops and do tricks for him!

How can he, no, how can anyone do this! How can he write me that email where he professes his love and apologizes for everything. How can he write in that email that it is so hard not to talk to me and what an asshole he was in the past when he ignored me and my calls and my attempts to reach out to him. But he is doing that to me again! This guy is slowly and painfully killing me!  Why Jess!  WHY??

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keliss said...

Are you sure you're not jumping to conclusions?

Maybe he's out clearing his head. Maybe he can't face all this and has to do something else... just to get away. Maybe something completely unrelated came up. Maybe he just needs to be alone.

Or maybe he's playing some kind of fiendish mind game designed to make you suffer and want to come crawling back to him.

Which seems more likely? I don't know.