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Monday, June 7, 2010

Hey, I Just Need To Say This One Thing.

I hope you all understand what I am going to say. I really have gotten some great advice from a lot of really nice people who read my blog. I appreciate each and every comment and some of them have been right on target not only with accuracy but also with the same feelings that I have had.

But, and there is one but. I have added some new polls to polls which I have already had on my blog. The polls ask some pretty direct, hard hitting and honest questions. I truly wanted serious and informed responses. Informed meaning that those who answered have been reading all along the history of Jess and I from the past few months. Although I know that may be a big effort to do and most of you haven't read that far back, I think it is really important when responding to my polls that you do so with informed opinions based on reading most of my blog entries. Anything short of that would not only be unfair to me but to Jess as well.

Yes, I am emotional, I admit that. And yes, I love Jess, we all have heard me say that ad nauseum. But I am also a fairly shrewd and intelligent person. Although love can be blind, it isn't ignorant. I honestly think that Jess loves me and although at times it breaks my heart because it doesn't seem that way, down deep inside I really believe that he does. What I am not sure is what is going on his his head. What is causing him the confusion and the conflict. Only Jess knows that and perhaps he doesn't.

I am mentioning this because some people who read My Big Itch, perhaps once or even a few times don't really know the dynamics of what is going on here. Are things perfect? Fuck no, they aren't even good, but I really thing people responding and taking part in my polls should read first before they quickly click the response that Jess hates me and is using me only or that Jess doesn't love me or even like me.

Yes, I know I have included the option for that answer in the polls and I do hope that people vote honestly if that's what they truly believe is the answer, but please read my blog entries first and get to know me and get to know Jess first, then vote in the blogs. Be fair to me and please be fair to Jess. That's all that I ask.

Thanks and please keep reading. I appreciate and cherish my readers.

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SteveA said...

Love can b and it is hard...but you also need to be happy...sometimes the waiting game pays off but it hurts and there is much pain!