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Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Day Good, One Day Bitch!

Jess just called me (8:45pm). He was leaving work and meeting Ellen for dinner. Ellen is moving out of NYC this weekend and I guess Jess wanted to take her to dinner. After all, she is his fag hag friend. So Jess called me to (as he puts it) "check in" and right away I can hear his voice that he is in a shit mood.

Okay, so the good mood didn't last very long (only as long as the $200.00 I got him for the chairs lasted perhaps.) We spoke for 5 minutes until he told me that he had nothing to say and doesn't want to be on the phone when he has nothing to say. So, with a smile on my face (he couldn't see that) and a pleasant, friendly attitude, I wished him a great dinner, told him to say goodbye to Ellen and that I would see her soon (yeah, fuck right!!) and told him to have a great night. Then we said bye and we hung up.

I love Jess, but this man is a fucking bitch. I have never seen anyone so damn moody. I hope this isn't a precursor to what is to come for me. Shit, like telling me he doesn't want to see me, doesn't want me to come over, wants to fuck other guys(well that hasn't changed anyway so I should be used to that) not answering my phone calls and texts and emails... oh boy... buckle up, I fear the worst. I think I will play it cool, lay low. If he wants to see me or talk to me, well, he knows where to find me. I mean he knows where to fucking find me! How's that? Better?

Jess!!! What a bitch (and I say that with love in my heart).

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