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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Sizzling Hot Day In New York City - I Spoke With Jess On Phone!

Today was the 11 month anniversary of Jess and me meeting. One more month and it will be a year. I thought about him a lot today. Couldn't get the sadness of not seeing him and being with him out of my mind. I probably bugged the shit out of him with texts and emails etc. Jess surprised me and wrote me back twice and sent me a text or two as well. I called him on the phone at around 9:30pm. Holy shit, he picked up. He was still at work! We spoke for twenty minutes. It was a decent, but uneventful conversation. I told him I miss him.  I'm sure he already knew that.

Anyway, it was another 100+ degree day here in NYC. Another record breaking day! And, the third day in a row with temperatures reaching above 100 degrees. Today the humidity was totally nuts. No one wanted to be outside. Heat alerts and water and power alerts are all over the city.

Here are a few pics I took early tonight as I got home via the subway and walked around the neighborhood. By looking at these pretty pics you would never think that we are under a heat alert and having the hottest heatwave NYC has seen in many years!
 Sometimes the hundreds and thousands of bodega's selling fruit and vegetables become invisible to me. 
But sometimes, they can be brilliant with color and sweetness and life!
 Thank God I got on a subway where the air conditioning was working and the guy next to me didn't reek!

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stwestnc said...

I love the pics of the street. The heat is something I grew up with being from the South. I am in ATL now where it hit 108!