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Friday, July 9, 2010

A Message To Drew And To Anyone Who Happens To Read My Blog.

I wanted to just mention this because for some reason I found it really nice.  Drew, who was one of my original blog followers (and prolific comment writers on my blog) has as of late been somewhat harsh with me regarding the way I feel and act when it comes to Jess. He even wrote me and pretty much told me that he was dumping my blog because he couldn't stand reading it anymore. He said pretty much that I was as fucked up (my words, not his) as Jess and he led me to believe that Jess and I are so whacked out that we both deserve one another, specifically for that reason!

I accepted his opinion and although I was disappointed to see him move on and off from my blog, I figured, so be it!

Cut to the other day when Drew wrote me again and said:

"Problem is I cannot leave your blog. Just a rant.. I want to keep reading with hope that you will find YOUR happiness... Have a great time with Scott!!!"

Gotta love his honestly. Welcome back. Hey, I'm not perfect and yes I might say some things that will not live up to your expectations or be what you might do in a situation.  But, I am who I am. I am honest with what I say and feel. I am not perfect, far from it. And, this is my blog where I get to say everything and anything that is on my mind, in my heart and how I feel.  That's what blogs are for... no?  Does it make sense to tell lie's on here and say things that aren't true just to make me come off as a bigger and better person? No, so more of the same from me is on the way.

Thanks Drew. Keep your comments coming. I like when people say nice things to me but I can totally handle it when they say things that aren't as well.  Don't forget, I was born and raised and live in NYC. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to continue to realize that human beings can be amazing and yes, they (we) can also be a fucking mess at times too.

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