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Monday, July 12, 2010

Jess Wrote Me Again Tonight!

Well, Jess wrote me again tonight! I mentioned in my blog here that I wrote him Friday night and left him a message that told him that I was moving on. But, to be fair, I also wrote in that message to Jess that: "Good luck Jess.  I wish you the best in life!  Please call me or write or reach out should you ever feel that you want to.  Until then, I will give you the peace and the separation from me that you want."

But I need to be fair to Jess, because he has written me every night for the past two weeks religiously! Sure, I figured that I had enough, thinking he was writing me because of, well, I don't know why. I thought if I would write him and tell him that I was done with it all and tired of the "abuse" (I didn't say that, but behind my words, one could get the message that I was tired of being treated the way he has been treating me) that he would just stop if I stopped. But, he keeps writing me.

So since I wrote that he should "please call me or write or reach out should he ever feel that he wants to..."  and he has, that I needed to respond back. I mean I do fucking love the man, don't I? I do.

Here is Jess's email that he sent me tonight! It was short but he took some photo's from near his parents home. I also put a copy of the brief email (I wanted to make it brief, but yet still respond) which I wrote back to him. I just didn't want to keep ignoring his emails, especially since I told him to please reach out anytime.

Here is Jess's email:

No Daily Update, eh? Well I thought I'd send you some amazing photos from home. Our woods at dusk and two photos of the biggest cloud I've ever seen on our way home from a day in the city. Amazing! The last photo is the last bit of road before my parent's house, which is on the left side at the crest of the hill. Beautiful.

My response:


Wow, absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the photo's, I love them. You sound really happy... I'm glad about that!


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stwestnc said...

glad to see you keeping it short and sweet and not reading more into it. Just be kind!