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Monday, July 12, 2010

Please Check Out My New Poll Question. I Hope You All Respond!

Please, please, please vote and express your opinions in my new poll (top, left margin).

You all have been fucking amazing during this entire blog experience (yes, even you Drew, especially you). I have appreciated all the feedback. I will continue to write and let you all know what is going on. I hope that there is a happy ending, actually, not an ending but a happy beginning!

I just added a new poll on my blog page (left hand margin, top). Can you please respond and give me some feedback. What you all think is really important to me and helps me a lot! By the way, I've changed the lead song in My Mood Music mix on the page. Hope you like the change, I know I do!


1 comment:

drew said...

THANKS for changing that song. I had it with the old one. Too much or a downer. Steve, I made my choice but I really don't know Jess all that well. It seems he doesn't want to let you go but he doesn't want you in a relationship.. go figure. Sometimes I think it is about control. He certainly plays you like a yo-yo..