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Monday, August 16, 2010

Encouraging Words About Jess From Mary!

I saw Mary yesterday after almost 12 days of staying away from her. She is a good friend of Jess's and although she hasn't seen Jess that much in the past week or two, she is in email and IM contact with him. She didn't want to tell me what Jess had quickly conveyed to her in an instant message last week, because she felt it would violate her friendship with him. But, she says she is also my friend and all she would say to me was that Jess and you will be friends again. She feels that he is softening and time spent away from me without contact may have affected him in some way. All she would say again, is that he will contact me again. When, she won't say and doesn't know, but she feels he will.  Amen! I pray for that day. I have not contacted Jess in over two weeks now. I miss him!

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