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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Think I Got Some Good News Today!

Mary (Jess's friend and my new friend) sent me an amazing text message today saying that Jess (she works at the same place with him) told her that he wants to talk to her... about me. That's all she wrote. Then I got another text message from Mary at 6:00pm telling me that Jess and her talked about me for almost 45 minutes. That's a breakthrough considering that at first Jess didn't even want to discuss me with Mary and then only as recently as last week he told her that he was worried about me and sometimes he thinks about me being back in his life.

Well today he told her that he thinks about me and actually keeps tabs on me (whatever that means) to be sure that I am okay. He also told her that he sees him and I being friends again soon but first he wants to be sure that I am on a good path first. I guess what he means is that he knows that I am blown away by his decision to stop talking and seeing me and he doesn't want to restart our friendship as a cure of what is making me sad. I know its confusing but I somewhat understand. He wants us to be equal on the same ground with no issues and I guess start back out with no negative history... maybe even without the positve history as well and get to know one another as friends all over again.  I guess! He told her that I am a good guy and it was never his intention to abandon me. But it happened and well it happened.

There is more, which I'll write about tomorrow but now I've got to get to bed. I think I am happy or should I say that I am happier then I've been. This is progress.. a good thing. Mary and I celebrated tonight. So when will Jess contact me? Who knows, but I think it best that I still not contact him for now. Let him make his move.  I love you Jess!

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