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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some New Photographs I Took Using My Digital Camera! No More iPhone Pictures!

I decided to stop using my iPhone to take pictures and start using my Canon Digital camera. I think they look a lot clearer and just a lot better. NYC was beautiful yesterday; blue sky, cool, breezy! A perfect day to try out my camera.

Below are some pictures, albeit basic NYC pictures.  I thought I should start out with the classic, typical fare while learning how to use the camera. What do you think of them? I think they rock!
Union Square Market
 Union Square Market
 U S Open large screen set up in Madison Square Park
 Cool trees in Bryant Park
 Fountain in Bryant Park
 Bryant Park
 New building #1 Bryant Park - View from the Park
 Forgot the name of this one
 Cooper Union
 Chrysler Building
 Just a random townhouse
 Empire State Building on a beautiful day
 Empire State Building
 Empire State Building
 Flatiron Building
Met Life Building

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