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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh Yeah, I Met A Guy I Like!

So, in all these months since Jess and I have stopped talking (or maybe I should say, all these months that Jess has stopped and continued refusing to speak or communicate with me) I went from not wanting to see or hangout with or date or even hookup with anyone. Then I went through the stage of hooking up and playing with anyone that came my way that I thought was hot. I think during this stage, I was so beaten down from Jess ignoring me and making me feel worthless that any flattery or self esteem I gained from anyone was soaked in! Needless to say, I've made a few new buddies that I see anywhere from infrequently to often.

But I recently met a guy, named Mark who I like, believe it or not, I do like him. We met a week ago Saturday and have only spent 3 days together but each day was long and fun and amazing and the conversation was interesting and flowed out of us. Saturday night we met up at 5:00pm and went to a local bar for a quiet drink and then went to dinner, Vietnamese. It was a lot of fun and Mark knows his food. He did the ordering :-) does that make me lose my dude status? He's a lawyer and well, lets leave it at that for now. After dinner we took in a late movie. . . The Fighter. The movie was great and it was pretty obvious that we both couldn't keep our "friendly" hands off one another. It was a, dare I say, magical night.  Although I miss Jess and miss being his friend and hate that he has ignored me since July, Mark makes me forget that sadness. But I'm going to take it real slow. After Jess, I am hesitant and a big part of me feels that relationships between men just don't work or maybe even that I am simply not relationship worthy or relationship capable.

Hope you all stay tuned.  Good night!

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