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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Days Keep Flying By And I Have So Much To Say Here

Hey everyone. So much to say since my last post from Wednesday.  I  think I wrote saying that I saw Mark last Sunday before he left for Mexico on Tuesday. We had fun, but I totally get that Mark sucks with communication. I may have told you on here that he told me a few weeks ago that he needs to go slow and not feel pushed. Sound familiar? Although I am okay with not getting serious with someone at this point, I am a bit fearful or maybe I should say cautious that Mark may be another guys with relationship issues. Anyway, he fly's back home to NYC today sometime. I predict that he'll get around to texting or calling me to say hello in about a week (most likely next weekend). I kind of think that sucks but, I'm not pushing anyone, anymore! Its the old saying. . . "it is what it is!"  Meantime, I started talking to another guy online. Seems like a real sweet guy. No expectations - haven't even met him yet. He lives very close and we've been talking quite a bit in the last 4 days. I guess I owe nothing to no one at this point except to myself. By the way, Jess finally commented (albeit not too favorably) about me, in a small way. Don't think I am ready to write about it quite yet. I will when I can, maybe later. Can some of you guys who read this please comment so I know you are out there? I'd really appreciate it! Talk to you later.
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


drew said...

I am happy that you are moving forward. You just needed time. It seems time is the only healer in these issues. Good luck with your future connections and if you don't think it's right, move on...

My Big Itch said...

Hey Drew, so very good to hear from you again. I agree, that time heals. I think you are talking specifically about Jess. To be perfect honest (as I try to be always in my blog) I miss Jess horribly. No one should ever love someone and care about someone as I did Jess (he was my best friend) to be written off in an email with never a word from him since. So my choice is to wake up every morning and go to sleep at night. The other options are quite horrible. I hold out hope that Jess and I will be friends again one day soon. I will write a Jess update very soon here on my blog!