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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Night At The Spa

I still need to write about the "great night" I had with Mark on Jan. 31. He rented a car (remember, we are in NYC and thats what you do) and he took me to a spa on Long Island. Actually it was a huge family oriented spa with dads, and moms and singles and couples and kids. It  was huge, the spa I mean. Long story short, we spent 2 hours on three somewhat luxurious floors going in and out of steams rooms of varying temperatures, salt rooms, ice rooms, etc. Everyone is dressed in a uniform of shorts and a tee shirt that they give you when you first register at the desk when you arrive. When we were finally steamed, and pooled, and sauna'ed out, we went down to the huge, clean and modern/elegant mens locker room. This was a treat because not only were there an additional three or four sauna's and cold plunges and steam rooms and whirlpools to enjoy. . .  but also because it was the locker room and everyone, mostly fit, was naked. Naked is good, no? Yes! He looked at me when we first got down there and smiled and said "now I get to see you naked." Ha-ha, and I got to see him naked. Believe it or not, after 4 or 5 dates and four weeks of knowing him, it was the first time I saw him sans clothes. It was well worth the wait. I like him a lot but, all is not great in my somewhat "depressed" state of "trying to be happy, post Jess". I'll write about that next, as soon as I can.

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