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Monday, May 16, 2011

Dale & Drew. . . Thanks For The Honest, Intelligent, Insightful Feeback

I needed to do a small post right now. This blog (MY BIG ITCH) was originally created to help me. Yes, help me vent and help me speak about things in my life that I may not otherwise be able to speak about with those in my everyday life. I thought and still do think that it will enable me to better deal with my problems. Also, and this is a very big also; maybe and really just maybe, someone who might just stumble upon my sometimes pathetic life (here in my blog) may get some benefit from it as well. I truly hope that what I write gives another person the jolt they need to not do some of the things that I have done which ultimately got me to this low point. Or perhaps it might help then do something different - like take a smarter or more appropriate path then I took. If I can save even one person - man or woman, any of the incredible and constant suffering that I experience, then that in itself will make my blog one of the most worthwhile undertakings I have ever done. I mean that from the bottom of my broken heart.

I will say this. I also never expected to communicate, albeit on a very superficial level, with some really super-smart, wise and thoughtful people. Drew and Dale - thank you for taking the time to care about me, a stranger who you don't know and most likely never will. Your comments are helpful, very helpful and I appreciate them more then you will ever know. Please keep them coming. I love hearing from you guys. And anyone else who would like to leave a comment, good or bad, supportive or not, I welcome that and invite you to do so.


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