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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Keeping Busy Is A Good Thing

Friday night with Marco #1 was fun. We met up at 7:00pm and went to the gym for a workout. I actually took him to my gym since we were on 6th Ave and a branch of my gym was nearby. The workout was fair - actually it sucked but only because Marco #1 wasn't into it. In the gym he's a big pussy, but it was fine. I had worked out in the morning anyway so it was kind of like my second work out of the day. Next we got a bite to eat at this cheap but cool chicken joint on the upper west side. Then, back to his apt. to get his bikes (we played a little - and that was fun :-) and then off to Central Park for some night photos. Marco #1 has an awesome camera so this was going to be interesting and fun. It was the most magnificent night out. The weather was clear and warm and slightly muggy with a great breeze. Riding through the park at that hour (11:00pm) was magical. I was really enjoying myself. Lately, after always being so down and sad, this was a great reprieve. Long story short, we took awesome photos (some of which I will attach to a separate post for you all to see). It's funny, one of my blog readers/followers on here recently wrote me and told me that I shouldn't bother adding pics of hot guys (I never do that anyway - oh maybe once or twice I did but only to make a point about something) because everyone else does that. He told me to consider adding my photography instead, which I agree with and will do. I will post a bunch of pictures that we took in Central Park here for you to see. Well, back to Marco #1 and Central Park. (Read all about it and more, after the JUMP)
We had such a good time; there are a lot of strange dudes in the park at that hour cruising for sex, etc and it was good that we had bicycles just in case we got mixed up in or near a bad scene, but the creepy factor and the lateness of the hour added to the excitement and craziness and fun of it. We finally ended up near the Bethesda Fountain. What a fucking beautiful, enchanting place. There was no one around at this location (which was a wide open area) except for a group of young 20's sitting near the fountain enjoying a bottle, or two or three, of wine. All of a sudden out of no where - flashing red lights on an approaching NYC police car. We were going to be busted for being in the park after 1:00am. It was super scary. I gave one of the cops my ID and so did everyone else. I really thought Marco #1 and I were going to be arrested along with the wine drinkers.Fuck, I wanted the cops to know that he and I were not part of the booze party and that all we were doing were taking pictures. I thought to myself, how serious is it to be in the park after closing? Were we in big trouble or what? Luckily the police let us leave and we got on the bikes and got the fuck out of there fast. Needless to say, I had an awesome night, and, by the way - the sex (if you can call it that,) was hot. Some people think that if all you do is oral then its not sex. I say, "f" that because it gets pretty hot when you make-out, get naked and do, uhh, oral. Especially when the people involved have, how should I say, really nice equipment. Okay, enough of the trash talk. Moving along. let me say that my next post will give more details about Saturday night (the next day) when I went back to the sleazy gay bar that I have been hanging out it. Even though its a real small dump, I love how friendly everyone is and I love the compliments and come-ons and love the attention. Who wouldn't, right? By the way, did I mention that I finally called Mary back and we spoke on the phone (Friday) for 45 minutes. She was glad to hear from me but I made it clear, that I still do and always will love Jess and I still do and always will believe that he will contact me one day when he is ready and that I still do and always will think and know that Jess loves me in his own way and that he needs this time away from me, BUT I told Mary that for she and I to continue in our friendship, it needs to be about her and me only and not about Jess! I'll get into more details about this in a future post as well. Although I love my blog, I have a limited capacity for keeping focused. When I start writing too much I begin getting bored. And if I am getting bored then I worry that I might be boring all of you guys. I don't want that to happen. By the way, thanks to the few new "blog follower additions (is that what its called) that I have gotten and thanks again to all of my loyal followers for sticking with me and for reading what I have to say. I appreciate it so very much.

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