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Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's My Birthday And I'll Cry If I Want To, Cry if I Want To! You Would Cry To If...

Sunday late afternoon. Mostly cloudy and cool in NYC. My moms surgery went as well as can be expected. They removed what they needed to remove as well as some lymph nodes too. Now we just need to wait for the report from the lab to come back to see what it was and what needs to be done next. The report can take a week! Shit, can you believe that they can't do that any faster! Patience I guess. Meanwhile, feeling a bit under the weather. Nothing serious but a bit of a cold etc. Hey, tomorrow is my birthday. Big fucking deal. Why do we celebrate getting older anyway? Well, my friends, Marco #1 and #2 asked me to go to a pool party/rave/whatever the fuck it is party in Hell's Kitchen at some club/pool tonight. I declined, just not up for it - then again, am I ever up for that? Instead, I will head out to my favorite new sleaze bar. I like the attitude, the dark, sleaziness and the direct no bullshit attitude there.Thats where I will usher in another year since my birth. Jess, I hear (actually Mary told me weeks ago - have not spoken to her since the last conversation over a week ago) is back home at his brother wedding. Hey don't get mad at me everyone - I miss him and this being my birthday (tomorrow) makes me even miss him more. What a sucker I am; sending him 3 bottles of the finest champagne and food etc to his birthday party last month. What do I get? The continued saga of being despised, ignored and hated. Oh well. I go on because thats all I can do. Peace and love...peace and love!

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