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Friday, June 3, 2011

I've Been Busy With Nothing!

Sorry I haven't written since Sunday. I have been busy with what seems like nothing. Had a few work issues to wrestle with but not a big deal for the most part. My mom is being operated on today and although we won't know the full results for about 5 days, it has preoccupied much of my thought process. Allergies suck again; seems like they have boomeranged back for round two. My birthday is Monday; big fucking deal. I am getting to the gym but my workouts seem quick and rather shitty to be honest. I don't really speak with Mary much. My last conversation was with her on the phone last Thursday evening. She has sent me two emails this week, mostly with words of support for my Mom. I did go to the sleazy bar last night for an hour after taking some photo's on the streets here in NYC. It was sleazier then normal and the few people that were there, were not really who I would even want to make small talk with - so I left. No big deal, maybe its just the mood I am in. I know I'll be back there again soon. And, I think Mary told me a month or so again that Jess was heading home to the Midwest this weekend for his younger brothers wedding. His brother and his new bride met right about when Jess and I first met. They got married and I got dumped. Well, I will write again soon. Have a great Friday everyone.

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drew said...

Hope everything goes well for your Mom. Enjoy your weekend.