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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hunkering Down Here In NYC For Irene!

Holy Shit... it's coming. I have lived in NYC and Northern New Jersey my entire life and I have never seen the likes of this. Right now, I am wondering what to expect when Irene slams into us early tomorrow morning. Last night I went to the bar to hang-out and chill because I know it's going to be a little while again before I will be able to do that. I literally met 8 or 9 different guys. Everyone had the "hurricane" on their mind; well, most everyone had cock and getting laid on their mind but the hurricane seemed to be what was foremost in their minds.

So, I think I am ready. But are you ever ready. Total mass transit inclusive of subways, buses, etc are shutting down at noon today. Stores, restaurants, theaters, offices, you name it - everything for that matter is totally closed. What is going to happen here! I just hope no one gets hurt but you know that is not going to be the case. Sadly, I truly believe that there will be widespread casualties perhaps not just from the 100 per mile winds, but from the water and storm surges from the ocean which will flood parts of the city and neighboring New Jersey. I actually heard a news station say that it is possible for the entire boardwalk in NJ to be wiped completely out. Shit!

So, I've got food, (the stores were a madhouse yesterday - even water was sold out) but after going to 5 different places, could not find a store that had a 6 volt battery in stock for my flashlight. I will use candles if need be. It's kind of exciting to know that I am going to see something that most people, including myself have never seen in their lifetime. But, the big wuss located deep down in me doesn't want to lose power, air conditioning, tv, cable, computer, etc. That's almost an inevitability but shit, I don't want that to happen. And then they are saying that it could be for days! Roads are being closed down, GSP is closed  in NJ; it is a highway now being used for emergency transport only. Evacuations, mandatory and non-mandatory are everywhere in certain zones in NYC and along the beaches and rivers in NJ.

I guess all the hype and drama and panic is to prepare us for a "worst case scenario" I get that and yes, public officials are trying to do everything to make sure we don't become another Katrina situation.

Well, I wanted to write an entry... I will try and write more later after I finish doing all the shit I need to do to ready myself for this hurricane. There is a good chance that my computer and power will be off so that's why I am writing now. For all of you who also are in the NYC and NJ area as well as any other area in the path of Irene, I wish you luck and stay strong, be smart and keep safe.

I love New York City! Please stay safe and hopefully this incident will pass without much incident. Hey, we got through the earthquake earlier in the week :-) so we can get through this too. I am posting a few fun pictures I took last night (below).

Be safe my friends!

The lines around the inside of the Home Depot store on 23rd Street.
The lines around the block of people waiting to get inside of Trader Joe's on 6th Ave. to buy food. 
The sold out shelves in the battery department and flashlight department of a local hardware store. 

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