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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Love My New Internet Friends, Baby!

It's Wednesday. So I have a question for you all. I have been meeting a lot of guys lately. Okay, so you are saying... "big fucking deal". For some reason, new people, (guys especially) seem to be easy to meet these days. Maybe its me and I am just more open to it and therefore more comfortable about it. Maybe I just want to meet lots of new people these days after a year of feeling like the worst pile of shit on the sidewalk. Aside from the guys I meet here in town, you know, friends of friends, guys from bars, work, gym, even off the street while walking down it... and there have been some good ones (many of who I am slowly getting to know, really well), I have been meeting guys online lately. Sure, some of them come from places like Australia, New Zealand, Italy and all that stuff, but the ones that excite me is the ones that live near me who I can actually eventually meet. This one guy I have met online lives here on the Upper West Side. We talk each day via email and sometimes even Skype. He is cool and I like him, so far and we are moving slow as snails but that's kinda cool, no? Another is a guy who lives Upstate New York, about 4 hours north by car. He too is cool, hot, sexy, etc. He wrote me today and told me he was married (what the fuck!) but he needs a friend and a connection and someone he can trust. He gave me his real name and said that he felt close enough to me to open up. So my question, do I need this or should I say... Do I need him? Do I? Someone's got to be there for him - why not me?  Then I think, hey, there's enough going on here in town that do I need the Skype thing? Even if one guy is 10 minutes away and the other is 4 hours north, do I need the Internet thingy dingy? I may need the dingy, but the thingy? Maybe, I just like the guys - both are men's men. Masculine, built, good looking, smart and funny. Well, I will think more about this as I head out to the local "sleaze bar" tonight. Haven't been there is 5 days and feel like having a look-see.

For those of you who have been following me on here since the beginning, in the words of the ex NYC Mayor Edward Koch... "How am I doing?"  And, have you noticed I haven't mentioned "What's his name?"


drew said...

I am happy that "whats his name" has left. You will finally be forced to get over him. Best thing that could happen to you. I am happy you are out and about. good luck with this new situation..

james said...

you dont need that guy....if he could find someone when he is married ,why wouldnt he does the same to you.........james from malaysia