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Saturday, August 13, 2011

If You Haven't Yet Seen This...Lady Gaga's Solo Piano Performance Of "The Edge Of Glory" On Howard Stern's Radio Show.

Here's what I'm thinking. Many people obviously like Lady Gaga (Gaga). They worship her and love her intensely. But then there are others who aren't really into her persona, her message and her music. Many straights for example think, "Gaga appeals to the fags and I'm not a fag so I won't ever listen or acknowledge that I think she is good; let alone, like her!" Anyway, for me, Lady Gaga is a talent. Her look and her songs are cool but I never really considered her as being, "the best" or even a top performer that I related to and liked. Don't get me wrong... her message to kids about being okay to be who you are, gay or straight, different or mainstream is a wonderful thing. That in itself has made her a hero of sorts to me. Here is where I am going with this. I listen to Howard Stern religiously and recently heard her LIVE performance of, "The Edge Of Glory" by Gaga who made a rare, first-time appearance on the radio show. In short - it blew me the fuck away. She is amazing!!!  This performance will give you goosebumps! This performance was live people! Wow, what a voice, what lyrics and what an ability to sound so amazing doing a live morning broadcast while sitting down in a radio studio. That's all I wanted to say. For those of you who have never heard this performance of hers, she did it back on July 18th 2011. Sit back and get ready to be blow away. For those of you who have heard it... well sit back and enjoy it again; over and over and over and over! Gay, straight, old or young - it will effect you! Gaga... I am a fan for life!!

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