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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sorry Again For Not Writing A Post Sooner!

Hey everyone! Holy shit, I see that I lost a few blog followers! Damn, I'm sorry; I think I have been neglecting writing my daily posts. Truth being is that the past few weeks have been busy. Well, maybe not that busy but my mind was busy. Get my drift?  

Here are a few pictures that I took about 10 days ago while hanging out is Washington Square Park, here in NYC. This guy... I call him "Pigeon Man" was so, well, odd that I had to take some shots. Actually, he was quite nice, but I say odd because no damn pigeons are gonna walk and fly over me - how does he do that? Well, like my dad taught me - to each his own. Also, took some pics of the fountain located in the center of Washington Square. Can you see the rainbow (5th picture down)? Was God trying to tell me something? 

I promise to write more. Damn the stock market keeps plunging. And the economy.... are we headed for a crash such as the likes of the Crash of 1929? Anyone got an extra room for me if I have to move out? Preferable here in NYC.  :-)  

Talk to you guys later. Enjoy the pictures. Hey, can you please tell me truthfully how you like my photo's? Which pictures do you like the best?

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