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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nice To See All This Love After All These Years!

I saw this video on one of the morning shows this weekend. It cracked me up. It is the innocent home video accidentally made unbeknownst by an elderly married couple sitting in front of their laptop with the webcam running. I believe he is in his mid-80's and his sweet, gum-chewing wife is in her late-70's. They are so awesome together. The video innocently shows this technologically inexperienced couple trying to get the webcam within their new laptop to work. The resulting video, uploaded to YouTube by their granddaughter, is actually quite touching and sweet and full of love and a bit of geriatric humor. Watch how after all these years of marriage, how this man speaks to his wife and vice-versa. This video will warm your heart and give you a good laugh.

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