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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Give Kevin Hogan His Job Back!

I just heard about this. Fuck, this is so wrong. Fox News did another "ambush journalism" attack on a well-liked, law abiding teacher from the Boston area. His name is Kevin Hogan. This story is so wrong on every level. Did the asshole reporter from Fox have to ambush the poor guy and sneak up on him as he was doing some shopping? Imagine the fear and distress this poor guy must have felt during that moment and the trauma he had and still had to deal with in the aftermath of all this bullshit.

He's been suspended as the English Dept. Chairman, teacher and coach at one of the best and apparently prestigious high schools in the Boston area. The story is that Kevin Hogan acted in some gay porn - he made a few movies as recently as one year ago. Did he break any laws? No! The guy was doing a great job as an educator and I read that everyone liked him and respected him. Christ, all he was doing was living his life and trying to put anything he may have done in his past (which by the way was not illegal) behind him!

This is Fox New's idea of journalism? Fucking ruin the guys life why don't you!! It's wrong and it is an innocent attack on a guy who is changing his life and his popularity shows that he has been doing a great job at it. Fuck you Fox News and any other trash and bash news organization who practices this kind of "ambush journalism!"

I support you 100% Kevin Hogan. I hope you get your job back! I hope you have the strength and fortitude to hold your head up high and get on with your life, whether you return to that high school or not. I hope this doesn't tear you down and rip you apart! You did nothing wrong!! Lets fucking look inside everyone's closet and examine their pasts and see what we find! We are fucking human beings and we should be allowed to do anything (as long as it isn't illegal and hurtful to anyone) along the way as we grow and mature without having to have it tossed in our face as we move through our life. He is being picked out and punished for no fucking reason except for ratings on a dumb-ass conservative TV station. Stay strong Mr. Hogan! I support you 100%!  I'm sure you're a good man; I still believe that good will always prevail over evil!

Here is the Fox News story below:

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Anonymous said...

that's horrible that the media loves to destroy peoples lives like that. just another reason i dont watch television.