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Friday, December 23, 2011

A Touching Comment From A Follower

I got a really beautiful comment today from someone who has been reading my blog (My Big Itch) for the past month. Occasionally I will post one of these comments left to me from one of my followers so that more of you can read it then had you just stumbled across it as it was left on the post. Anyway, this person is so kind and sweet.  He, (I assume he is a he) is pure of heart; his comment really effected me. I hope he doesn't mind that I write it here (below). I would like to tell him this. You my friend are very young but very wise. You have your entire life in front of you. Your sexuality is just that... your sexuality. It is just a small part of the beautiful, intelligent, worthwhile, valuable person you are. I promise you that one day, you will live your life as who you feel you are... regardless of what that is. Until that day when you feel safe and comfortable to do so, remember this. It gets easier! Thank you... Happy Holidays (or Merry Christmas if you celebrate Christmas). I love you too!  I hope you will add yourself as a Follower on my blog and choose a name that suits you best.

Here is what he had to say:

"I have been folowing your blog since last month...i just wanna say this to you...i really understand what you feel(about not being loved)...i feel lonely too as im just 21(bisxual) and cant come out due to the conservative nature of my looking forward to date guys when i hopefully will go abroad to further my studies.....i do feel lonely too(at least you are able to make use of it and be happy) as a unknown wellwisher or just a random bi guy who understands your plight...i just wanna say i do love you..merry christmas."


Anonymous said... a guy and yes i do celebrate christmas!I'll add myself as a follower after this....happy holidays!!

Mike said...

Hey there...just stumbled on your blog. Thanks for putting yourself out there. You have a great writing style. I'll be following you from Boston (hope that does not sound too "stalker-ish")
happy new year