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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Full Moon Tonight... Beware!

Tonight is the first Full Moon of 2012. It's the Year of the Wolf. They say strange things can and do happen on the nights that a Full Moon takes place. As far as I'm concerned, strange things seem to happen randomly and I don't think tonight will be that much different from tomorrow night or any other night. Maybe the "Wolf" can help me get rid of this shitty cold I've had all week. It's been pretty nasty... coughing up a lung here. Anyway, hope you all had a really nice weekend. The weather here in NYC has been great; actually 50's to 60's! Maybe, just maybe its because of the Full Moon!

1 comment:

MAC said...

About the same here in TX. Beautiful weather and in the final stages of a nasty cold I've had all week. I would welcomw a little "strange about know".