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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is Tim Tebow Gay? Is This Merely Gay Wishful Speculation?

Whether you like him or not, "Golden Boy" Tim Tebow, the Christian zealot first-string quarterback for the Denver Broncos is one of the hottest stories in sports today. I recently found this article about him. I'm not saying he is gay or not; speculating on someones sexuality can be a dangerous, hurtful and risky proposition. Nonetheless, I thought my blog readers would like to read the story.

By the way, Tim Tebow is one hot fucker. He is a 6' 3", 236 lb package of mouth watering, delicious man candy. Maybe that is wrong of me to say, but I'm just speaking my own opinion; this is my blog... right? Another opinion I have which should be first and foremost is SO WHAT if Tim Tebow is gay! It's articles like this that keep gay athletes riddled with fear and stuck in the closet. Instead, gay athletes should be encouraged with love and support to come out. They should could out for themselves and other gay athletes as role models.

Click on the link below to read this interesting article.

Is Tim Tebow Gay?

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